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What Do You Understand by Bubbler and How to Use It?


Aug 17, 2020

A bubbler is a kind of water pipe, which shares similarities between bongs as well as bowls. Typically, they are smaller than bongs, having 6”-8” length, with the main chamber under bowl pack fills with water.

They also feature similar to built-in bowl with rush hole design like hand pipes. You can get multiple varieties of bubblers. Few come with percolators, and others have long neck or more intricate designs. Usually, bubblers are used if you want to smoke dry herbs and they are designed in a single piece.

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Few different bubblers type

Over the last few years, all creative stoners have offered many new ideas and as a result the market has come up with improved ways of smoking that not only look cool, but also provide very smooth experience of smoking too.

1. Hammer bubblers

Usually, such types of bubblers have the thickest glass with many other hammer shaped designs, and are quite popular too. They are quite durable, you can easily travel with, can easily clean, and relatively much affordable.

2. Sidecar bubblers

These bubblers have main body, where you will find bowl, rush hole, as well as the water chamber. They also have a neck with mouthpiece, which are mounted on one side of the main body piece.

This kind of bubbler has stable base, which is made of very thick glass, and a bit smooth than any other bubblers

3. Double bubblers

They have 2 chambers for water. First one contains bowl pack, for allowing extra filtration through second chamber. These kinds of bubblers typically come in traditional bubbler design. Both chambers almost appear like a camel.

Probably, this is second smoothest kind of bubbler, right after percolator bubblers.

4. Glass bubblers

All bubblers are either made from glass or a borosilicate glass that is different kind of glass, which simply makes your piece little less affected with temperature changes. There are few bubblers also available that are made of ceramic, silicone or even acrylic too.

5. Sherlock bubblers

Such type of bubbler has a very wide base, which flows into narrow and long neck. Mostly, these pieces are more than 8” long, offers superior cooling. However, it can also easily break if you happen to be little careless while smoking or during cleaning.

6. Percolator bubblers

They are most expensive type and also, they are the smoothest. If you are little careless then they can easily break, but usually are made of thicker glass.

There are many different subtypes of such pipes based on the type of percolator.

7. Silicone bubblers

These bubblers are new in the scene, but are making a big splash. Most of them are quite affordable, also come with interchangeable attachments for bowl made of quartz.

8. Mini bubblers

They are bubblers of smaller version and are typically difficult to find. Also, they are generally difficult to use. You may however can find quite a few that are worth buying if you want something that can be easily concealed.

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