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Few Things to Know About Acrylic Render


Aug 25, 2020

If you are interested to paint your home by using bright colours then you must prefer coloured render, which can be easily mixed into any desired shade. Acrylic render can be a great choice, because it is very similar to acrylic paint and it can also bond with the colour pigment quite well, and hence the intensity of colour will last much longer.

By preferring acrylic render, you need not re-paint your home for another 10 years, and as a result you can save both your time and money too. Besides that, acrylic rendering Sydney can also be a cheapest option for rendering your home.

Also, acrylic render can be a great choice as crack resistant paint, so you can ensure longevity of your painted wall. Let us try to know few other important information about acrylic render.

What are the advantages of using acrylic rendering?

Following are few noteworthy benefits of acrylic rendering:

  • As mentioned before, one big advantage of applying acrylic rendering on your exterior of the house is that it is very less likely, your rendering will crack very soon, as this paint is found to be quite flexible.

This will mean that you need not worry about any natural expansion or contraction of home and offer unsightly hairline cracks all throughout your render.

  • Also, acrylic rendering is found to be incredibly attractive and can be used in many number of ways, which allows you to create many different finishes. You may opt for certain finish, which can be smooth like concrete or that is attractively textured.
  • One more benefit of this acrylic rendering is, it can be always be applied to many different kinds of surfaces that includes any painted walls, timber, concrete, fibre cement etc.  Any traditional render will never stick to all such kind of surfaces. This is certainly one key advantage of acrylic render, as compared to cement render.
  • Acrylic render will get dried up very fast and will just take few days to get cured, instead of almost a month like any other traditional render.
  • Lastly, acrylic render will always allow the material underneath for breathing and thus have healthier home. Also, it is water-resistant and never succumb to fungi and bacteria.

Can you apply acrylic render on wood?

As we all understand that Acrylic render is quite a versatile one, but often people ask questions that whether it can also be used on any wooden surfaces and also on weatherboard.

The answer will be no. Though, there are few workarounds which might can make use of, but generally it will be advised that one should not apply render to any wood, plywood, or any weatherboard.

Will acrylic render need any painting?

Typically, acrylic render will be available in white and grey shades and if you are contended with those two colours, then you can just leave it by using the acrylic render only.

In case however, if you have a preference for any other colour, then you can always choose to paint over acrylic rendering.

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