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Avoid Throwing These Items into Your Drain


Sep 14, 2020

In most of the homes, one of the major complaints that plumbers have to attend is either clogging of toilet or drain. Both can create a mess, unless you use them in responsible manner.

You must understand, if you call any plumber Sydney from Wilco at odd hours, you will have to pay an extra charges. Therefore, you must educate all members of your home that they should never throw the following stuff in the drain.

  1. Flushable kitty litter

Though you may call them flushable, but sadly they can clog your drain and create a huge problem for your drainage system.

  1. Coffee grounds

Don’t assume that your coffee grounds are too small and will not get stuck to your drain pipes. They may take lots of time to clean.

  1. Eggshells

These can always combine with many other oily substances that may be present in the drain and create a big mess on the drainage system.

  1. Grease, oil and fat

They can bind with all types of material and create sticky and thick globs that may coat pipes and not allow anything to pass through them.

  1. Produce stickers

Even the small amount of adhesive which is present on them is sufficient enough to get stuck insides of your pipes and clog them.

  1. Paper towels/cotton balls

Although paper towels or cotton balls are considered as biodegradable that doesn’t mean they can dissolve instantly. They can become perfect culprit and clog pipes.

  1. Condoms

Condoms usually are made out of rubber, which is not biodegradable. It will not dissolve in water and will either stick in the plumbing or manage to get into the pipes.

  1. Household fluids

They may not clog your pipes, but the chemicals are harmful when they get mixed into your water supply.

  1. Medication

Similar to any chemicals, they may not really cause clogging but may always enter into your water supply system and pollute water.

  1. Feminine hygiene products

Like condoms, these products too can clog your pipes of the drain since they are not biodegradable.

  1. Paint

Paints can be hazardous material and can do lots of harm to the water supply in the longer run and hence avoid throwing them on drains.

  1. Pasta or rice

These items may get swollen if they remain in water and cause blockage in the drain pipes, if plenty of them gets accumulated.

  1. Cleaning solutions

Various content present within these solutions are antibacterial agents or phosphates or some other compounds and all these can harm the ecosystem of the water.

  1. Fruit pits

Your disposal blades, if you have installed, may not be too sharp to grind all these. Therefore alternative is to discard fruit pits into the waste disposal units.

  1. Bones

Even a small bone will never get disposed of properly when they are flushed down the drain.

  1. Lemon and orange rinds

It will be always better to recycle all these like natural deodorants for your home. If you try to dispose them in the drain then it can always clog them.

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