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Few Tips for Selecting Right Roofing Contractor


Oct 21, 2020

If you are looking for suitable roofing contractor then look for someone who agrees to does the complete job without subcontracting.  Often roofing contractor may not be able to finish the assignment, and then he may hire subcontractors for completing the assignment. Generally, this is the norm used for any large projects like constructing warehouses, churches or big shopping centres.

However, for your home remodelling project, you will need a roofing contractor Johannesburg who will be able to do most of the work himself. He may however subcontract for certain small jobs like cleaning the debris etc. after actual installation work is done by him.

Following are few important tips for selecting your roofing contractor for installing new roof to your home.


You must ask for referrals from your community or any of your friends and colleagues, who had past experience of working with the contractor. It will ensure that you are hiring a trusted roofing contractor.

2. Licensed and insured

While hiring The Roof Doctor for your home, it is essential to know that he is licensed by a competent authority and also have a valid insurance. Never try to hire any unlicensed or uninsured roofing contractor for any kind of project.

3. References

It will be prudent to ask the contractor to provide the reference of his past few clients so that you can also call and verify from them about his professionalism and also about his work conduct and dealing.

4. Experience

You can ask the contractor how long he has been associated with this business. Prefer to hire an experienced professional rather than any new bee, who may gain experience at the expense of your project.

5. Estimated cost

By looking at the condition of your roof and the extent of work that he will do, your contractor will offer certain estimated cost. You can ask for detailed break-up of the cost so that you may know that he is asking for right price.

6. Written financial terms

You may ask the contractor to provide the quotation offer for the job in writing along with his detailed terms and conditions so that there may not arise any dispute later. You must read all the terms and conditions too.

7. Warranty

Your roofing contractor must be ready to offer certain guarantee or warranty for the job done by him for certain period. He must ensure that he will do the satisfactory job as per your requirement.

8. Check for quality rather than price

While selecting your roofing contractor you must discuss with few more contractors and try to see their quality of work first. You should rather focus on the quality of their work instead of their price.

9. Know the person who will actually install

You must ask the contractor to identify the supervisor who will supervise the complete job and you will be communicating with him when he will do the job in your premises.

10. Unplanned repairs

Make sure that the contractor will be ready to do any unplanned repair work if necessary after his installation work.

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